Regret and Relief


Click here to see a PDF of the November 2004 “Election” issue.

Back in my college years at the University of California, Irvine, I had the privilege and pleasure to be a founding staffer for The Irvine Progressive, an independent campus publication started by members of the Young Democrats at UCI. I was layout editor and writer. I had zero experience in newspaper layout, but I did have an amateur interest in typography and layout design. I got myself a copy of Adobe InDesign and learned on the fly. I spent a lot of late nights figuring out how to fit articles into a defined space and laying it out to make it aesthetically pleasing and professional. It was a challenge, but I enjoyed exercising my creative expression and essentially creating a the jigsaw puzzle.

I don’t have a lot of regrets in my life, but one was losing my CD that held PDFs of our first three volumes of our issues and not seeing a smooth transition of the website when I graduate in 2005. All that’s left is archived pages at the Wayback Machine website. I was relieved to find an actual PDF of our November 2004 “Election” issue. This was our 2nd issue of our 3rd volume and 12 pages long. I think we started with 4 pages in early 2003. Not bad for students on a notoriously apathetic campus.

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